Can You FEEL a Blood Sugar Change?

For a person who doesn’t have diabetes, the idea of knowing what their blood sugar is at throughout the day, is something that’s difficult, if not impossible, to understand. For a person with diabetes, the concept of highs and lows is something they’re all too familiar with. The feeling of normal blood sugar is something they can actually describe because they feel it, at points, along with highs and lows that give them something to compare it to.

Recognizing these feelings is an important tool for an individual with diabetes. Being able to identify that your body is trying to tell you if you’re high or low by the way you’re feeling allows you to take the proper steps to get your blood sugar back to normal.

Check out the video below to hear different people talking about the tell-tale signs that they are high or low, and don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if you agree!

Medianet ALZ
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