Survivor Jacqueline Peterson: What Triple Negative Means

Jacqueline Peterson learned from her doctors that she had a rare form of breast cancer: triple negative. Understanding what that meant helped her make the best plans for her recovery.

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Getting a mastectomy is a life- and body-changing event for breast cancer survivors, and it’s natural for survivors to want to share their battle scars with friends and family on social media. Facebook allows images of mastectomies, but depends on an automated and crowdsourced image monitoring policy which has caused many survivors’ images to be flagged as inappropriate content!
Clearly, bots and automation is not doing enough to handle this sensitive issue. Facebook needs to stop its blanket approach to banning images and depend on real people to decide which images should and should not be banned. Tell Mark Zuckerberg to change his company’s approach to this now! Click here to sign!

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