Donna Deals With Frontotemporal Dementia

You’re living life happily with the one person you can’t live without, it seems like nothing will stop you two from living a healthy, happy, and loving life together. That is until dementia hits. Dementia and most commonly known Alzheimer’s is usually a disease that many believe only affects the older generation. But believe it or not it can hit as early as your 30s.

Watch as Donna tells us about the affects of frontotemporal dementia on her husband she adored and was hoping to grow old with. Becoming his caregiver, life definitely became difficult but Donna was not going to give up, through sickness and health she made a promise to her husband that she’d be there and she definitely has been!

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Allison Espiritu graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in journalism. For five years she worked as a reporter focused on local government, schools, and community news at a number of Washington publications such as the Seattle Times, Ballard News Tribune, West Seattle Herald, and Snoqualmie Valley Record. She began working at GreaterGood in 2012, progressing to the position of Web Content Program Manager.